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There are many styles of coaching and it is an industry that is constantly evolving, which is reassuring to know that the home of professional and personal development, is always improving itself!

The work we do together will follow a framework which will be adapted to you and the specific outcome you are working towards. This will involve being future-focused and action-based, as well as exploratory and revealing. 


During the coaching process you will discover what is most important to you and what motivates you, and what makes you fearful and holds you back. This is the gold dust coaching uncovers, from which you can create the life you want in the quickest and most authentic way possible.


Tall Pillars
Ready Set Go


1. FUTURE-FOCUSED - Coaching is always focusing on the future, whilst acknowledging things that have happened in the past and present may be holding us back.

2. GOAL DRIVEN - Coaching is about focusing on the end result. What is the goal, achievement, success you want? 

The difference between a Goal and a Dream; 


3. BRIDGING THE GAP - Coaching is assisting people to achieve their life goals by understanding where they want to be, where they are now, and what is stopping them from getting there..

4. DISCOVERING YOURSELF - Coaching is uncovering your values and beliefs systems that help and hinder you, by learning how we can apply them to our life now we can change them in the future.


5. FAST PACED - Coaching is an accelerated process to get you to your dreams faster, or in a way you might not have been able to alone. 


6. Coaching is not therapy, it focusing on the future, accepting where we are now, and being accountable for the steps we are taking to get us to the outcomes we want, no matter how big or small. 

YOUR JOB = Show up for yourself, keep focused on the end result, be committed, open and honest. You will find achieving your goals are all within your power.


MY JOB = To manage the process, guiding you to explore your thoughts, feelings and actions, and selecting tasks and tools along the way.​ My promise to you is I will be absolutely committed to helping you and the journey you take.

Coaching allows you to zoom into the detail of your life, make some discoveries, tweaks or dramatic changes (it is all our choice remember!), then zoom back out to the Bigger Picture to see the difference they make. The great thing is that you can do this as many times as you like!

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