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Mentoring can be extremely beneficial for someone who would benefit from direct guidance and experience-based advice. It provides the opportunity to soundboard ideas, ask questions about the mentor's personal experience and be offered direct suggestions and tasks.


I find that complimenting coaching with mentoring helps individuals to find their own solutions, take the actions they are inspired by and be accountable for them.  Ultimately it empowers the person to make the difference they need and offers reassurance that they are on the right path, with the mentor to support them through the process.

When I Mentor, I naturally dance between mentoring and coaching, so the individual gets two for one - which means more impactful and lasting results.


I have been mentoring trainees and new entrants to the Film & TV industry for many years, working with organisations such as Screen Skills and the London Screen Academy.

believe that providing guidance, training, encouragement and nurture is incredibly important for growth and development and can often be missing in the workplace, especially for Freelancers. I have come from an industry that expects you to sink or swim, and the category you fall into is reliant on your character traits rather than skills you have been taught or provided with.

I am passionate about supporting people find their way, offering support to help them to navigate the challenges they face, and to be their biggest cheerleader to go for their things I know they are capable of. (And I love to celebrate their successes too!).

This is me on set of a short film called 'Monday's Child' in the early days of my career.

What I would have given to have a mentor to help me straighten my path, share their wisdom and to tell me the career-hacks and avoid many mistakes!

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