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Come As You Are Yoga

Yoga classes help to release stress and emotion, focus the mind and find connection with yourself away from the hustle and bustle of life.


Through bringing movement and flow into your body you can find your sanctuary on your mat! Your class is just for you, it is a space to re-energise, release, connect or simply just get out of your head and move. 


Classes follow a steady flow with nurturing holds and releases in the poses, which can be adapted to different to levels of experience. Steady doesn't always mean easy, so be prepared to build some energy and heat too.

Classes are for all abilities & suitable for everyone, I teach at a beginners level, but add in modifications for those with more experience or who want to push themselves to go deeper.

Please see below for class styles and themes and come and join us! 

You can also join the Facebook Group here.



Monday morning @06:45 (45 min)

Start the week with a gentle waking up, bringing movement and energy to the body and create your intention for the week ahead.


Wednesday evening @19:30 (1 hr)

Let go of the tension you have already accumulated during the week, finding deep releases to prepare you for the weekend ahead!

Classes will take place online, you will be sent the zoom link and details via email. Recordings of all classes will also be available via the online members portal so you never need to miss a class.

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