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Here's what some of my Clients have to say...

Sara, Teacher

Jo is a reflective and insightful coach. 


I value how deeply she listens.  She seems to really understand me, often reminding me of salient things I have mentioned in the past.  She is incredibly encouraging and often reflects back how much progress I have made.  


The times I have bought up topics that are difficult for me, she made me feel safe and supported. 


I have learnt a lot, found clarity and moved forward with goals I have been stuck on. I enjoy talking to her, she is personable and fun and look I forward to our sessions.  


Let's say, 'I'm a fan!'

Shakila, Business Manager

What led me to coaching with Jo was a lack of direction in life and things not forming or coming together.  I was happy but treading water and needed to dig into some things to discover blockages – I knew it would be a deep dig.  


There have been several positive outcomes so pinpointing one is tricky; gaining a fresh vision and perspective of myself and my life and the things which are really important to me, which I would like to achieve in this lifetime is definitely one of the major ones.

Since knowing Jo, I’ve found her warm, approachable, cosy, easy to speak with.  She’s non judgemental and open minded so I felt very comfortable in engaging with her in discussing some very personal matters.

Julia, Research Assistant

Jo is…. AMAZING! I have no words to describe what an incredible professional she is. She is a real and down to earth master at health coaching.


Before working with Jo, I was feeling very anxious, with a very low self-esteem and as a consequence, I was binge-eating. This was an issue I wanted to tackle. With Jo´s help, I came to the conclusion that the negative self-talk was the first battle I wanted to confront. 


From the first session, the progress was evident. Jo is so skilled! She has great resources, and she applied the correct exercises that helped me heal like no one else has. I have been doing psychotherapy for years and I was never able to look at certain past events in a curative perspective in the way that Jo helped me with. I find that this conjugation of psychotherapy and Jo’s work has the greatest impact in my life & wellbeing.

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